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Network News - Volume 1, Number 1

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INPTRA 2015 in Singapore

 Are you attending WCPT's Congress 2015 in Singapore? Join us at INPTRA 2015!

INPTRA will be hosting an educational meeting on physiotherapy regulation at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel April 29-30, 2015 prior to the World Confederation for Physical Therapy’s (WCPT) Congress 2015 held May 1-5, 2015. 

Both days will include educational sessions and small group discussions on issues of healthcare regulation and more specifically, physiotherapy regulation. 

Sessions will be geared toward a range of regulatory experiences – from developing a regulatory system to those systems which are fully implemented.

The meeting will run from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. It will include a lunch on both days and a reception the evening of April 29th.
Register, find more information and book your hotel at the INPTRA 2015 web page!
Marina Bay Sands Hotel
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018958
Tel. +65 6688 8868

INPTRA Guiding Principles

The International Network of Physiotherapy Regulatory Authorities (INPTRA) developed Guiding Principles around the purpose of regulation, standards for practice and regulatory solutions. 

View the Guiding Principles.

Webcast Topics 

Starting in 2009, INPTRA has hosted a series of webcasts about "The Changing Landscape of Regulation."  Below are the webcast topics from 2013. 
  • Modernization of the Directive on Professional Qualifications The Professional Card (EPC): a tool to improve mobility for physiotherapists in Europe?
  • Promoting the international mobility of physiotherapists with an innovative and worldwide unique model: The Quebec-France Agreement on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications
  • Prescribing Medications by Physiotherapists in the United Kingdom
  • A global survey of direct access and patient self-referral to physical therapy – informing practice, policy and discourse 
You can view these all webcasts (2009-2013) by subscribing (free) to the INPTRA website. Once you’ve subscribed and logged on, go to Subscribers/Webcasts.

International Regulatory Agencies

INPTRA has compiled a list of physiotherapy regulatory agencies around the world. 

Check to see if your national physiotherapy regulatory organization is listed and verify that the information is correct on the INPTRA website – click Regulatory Agencies under Home. 

Updates to individual organizations should be sent to INPTRA at

Regulatory Models by Country 

Would you like to view brief descriptions of various countries' physiotherapy regulatory models? View the following countries' regulatory models on the INPTRA website at Models under Home.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Catalunya
  • Israel
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Submit your country's profile
If you would like to submit a profile of your country's physiotherapy regulation, please send the following information (in English and MS Word, please) to

  • Country: The name of your country. 
  • Point of Contact: Your name, position and email address. (Not published.) 
  • Regulatory Model: Provide a brief one-paragraph summary. 
  • Website: Your website.

Membership Categories


Physiotherapy regulatory associations: National associations of physiotherapy regulatory authorities.

National physiotherapy regulatory authorities: A national organization recognized by the government of a specific country as being responsible for the registration/licensing of physiotherapists whereby such persons are entitled to practice the profession and/or the regulation and discipline of such physiotherapists in that country.

Jurisdiction physiotherapy regulatory authorities: A political subdivision of a country (state, province, commonwealth, territory, dependency or other term used by the country) that is responsible for regulating the practice of physiotherapy in that jurisdiction within the country.

Individual members: Individuals who belong to regulatory associations and authorities.

An organization, which is national, multinational and/or international in scope, and has a nexus to INPTRA as indicated by its interest in physiotherapy regulation, including credentialing, evaluation and assessment, education or other matters related to quality and integrity of the practice of physiotherapy and can reasonably be expected to add a unique perspective or bring expertise to the deliberations of the organization and is not otherwise eligible for membership.

International organizations of other healthcare regulatory associations.

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