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Network News - Volume 3 Number 4

In This Issue:

December Webcast - Using research to develop policies and standards: evidence informed regulation

Regulators are increasingly expected to be active in undertaking and commissioning research and using their insights to improve and develop what they do. The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), the regulator of physiotherapists in the UK, has been active in this area in recent years and has recently published a dedicated research strategy. This session will reflect on the value of research to the process of developing regulatory policy and standards, drawing on case studies of completed and ongoing research.

Live Session: Tuesday, December 6: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM ET Washington, DC, United States (21:00 UTC)


If you would like to attend, please register by emailing with the following information.

Include your:

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Country
  • Email address

Once you have registered, we will send you instructions for participating in the webcast.

Can’t attend the session?
Look for an email from INPTRA announcing that the webcast has been posted to the INPTRA website!


Michael Guthrie, Director of Policy and Standards, Health and Care Professions Council
Michael Guthrie has been Director of Policy and Standards at the Health and Care Professions Council since 2009. Michael’s responsibilities include setting and reviewing professional standards; working with key stakeholders including government to bring further professions into statutory regulation; commissioning research to better understand and improve regulation; and representing the HCPC on numerous working groups at the national level.

Michael holds an MSc in Public leadership and management from the University of Warwick.

INPTRA 2017 Conference: Innovations in Physical Therapy Around the Globe

The INPTRA 2017 conference will be held June 30 – July 1, 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa prior the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) Congress 2017. Additional meeting information will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

INPTRA 2017 Conference: Call for Presenters

Submission process and timelines
All submissions must be delivered electronically to Mark Lane at
Submission deadline: 23:59 GMT on January 5, 2017
Notification of outcome: By January 27, 2017

Categories of presentation
Presenters are invited to submit presentations in the broad categories below, however other topics are welcome. Examples provided are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered as limiting. Regulatory initiatives that are directly associated with physical therapy regulation and those that could be applied to physical therapy regulation are of interest.

  • Innovations in Regulation
    • Examples: using a risk approach to regulation, new regulatory models, tele-rehabilitation agreements, developing common standards or approaches to labour mobility
  • Regulatory Research Initiatives
    • Examples: Ethics or professionalism issues, continuing competence research, practice analysis, learnings from complaint reviews
  • Special Interest Regulatory Reports
    • Examples: evaluation of regulatory activities, case law of importance to regulation

Presentation formats
The conference will include panel and plenary presentations. If submitting a panel format, please indicate all panelists, including focus of presentation and country.

Selection criteria
Submitted presentations will be reviewed by the Planning Committee using the following principles/criteria:

  1. The presentation considers an important regulatory issue.
  2. Diversity in presentations and presenters.
  3. Has the topic been presented by INPTRA in the preceding 12 months?
  4. Is the proposal clear and intelligible?
  5. Are the presenters qualified to speak on the topic?

Submission guidelines
Each submission must be delivered electronically to Mark Lane at Please include:

  1. Title and outline of presentation [maximum 500 words]
  2. Names and country of presenters
  3. Contact details of all presenters (phone, email and address)
  4. A short bio that includes the presenters’ qualifications to speak on the selected topic

General information

  1. The conference language is English and all proposals and presentations must be made in English.
  2. Presenters must agree to make their presentations available for distribution and publication on the INPTRA website.
  3. Submitters are responsible for their own funding to the meeting.

General Medical Council Reports: First candidates take new-look test for overseas doctors

“The first candidates have now taken the revamped and strengthened test for overseas doctors wanting to work in the UK.

“The General Medical Council’s (GMC) new-look Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test has been revised and the clinical skills assessment (PLAB Part 2) now has more simulated clinical tests which reflect real-life consultations. Changes have been made to the assessment following an independent review led by Professor Ian Cumming.

“The PLAB test is the main route for international medical graduates who want to practise in the UK. It involves a knowledge-based written test and a practical assessment of clinical skills.”

Read the full article.

The Cavendish Coalition

Reported in September by HCPC, “A newly formed coalition of health and social care organisations has been created to ensure standards of care are maintained as Britain prepares to withdraw from the EU. The Cavendish Coalition will act as a shared voice which will influence and lobby on post-EU referendum matters. It will also provide those leading the negotiations with the expertise and knowledge required on issues affecting the health and social care workforce. Among those represented in the group are the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and NHS Employers.”

Learn more here.

INPTRA Board of Directors Report

Since August, to advance the business of the organization, the board of directors discussed the motions listed.

-To approve the May 18-19, 2016 minutes.

-To adopt the following:

The International Network of Physiotherapy Regulators is an independent organization made up of physiotherapy regulators and other interested stakeholders whose purpose is to promote excellence in physiotherapy regulation

The mission of INPTRA is to promote and contribute to the continuous development of leading regulatory practice through education, information sharing and other collaborative activities with key stakeholders worldwide.

To be recognized as the leading international authority on excellence in physiotherapy regulation, ensuring sage and competent practice.

-To adopt the INPTRA Goals and Objectives for 2017-2021 as listed below.

  1. Continuously develop our range of services and resources to meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

    Objective 1.1 Continue to plan and implement successful educational programming

    Objective 1.2 Enhance member and key stakeholder satisfaction

  2. Provide the INPTRA community with enhanced opportunities for engagement, participation and collaboration in promoting leading standards and regulatory principles.

    Objective 2.1 Provide the INPTRA Community opportunities to share their experience and knowledge

    Objective 2.2 Provide the INPTRA Community with opportunities to work together to promote the INPTRA Mission and Vision

    Objective 2.3 Increase collaborative connections with appropriate external entities

  3. Work collaboratively worldwide to build a research network that builds the evidence-base for regulatory effectiveness. 

    Objective 3.1 Develop and implement a stakeholder-agreed research and evaluation framework

  4. Develop our leadership capacity in support of the mission and the vision

    Objective 4.1 Maintain financial stability

    Objective 4.2 Enhance our capacity for board succession/continuity of knowledge and skills

    Objective 4.3 Continuously improve board performance

  5. Rationale: These goals and objectives were developed during the INPTRA Board of Directors strategic planning meeting in May 2016.

-To approve the September 7, 2016 minutes.

-To adopt the Board Culture Document.

-To fund two scholarships to the INTPRA 2017 Conference.

INPTRA Regulatory Guiding Principles

These principles on physiotherapy have been developed to provide guidance both to already-established regulatory authorities and, in particular, to those countries where physiotherapy regulation is developing or has not yet been developed. This version is based on feedback from attendees of the INPTRA 2015 conference in Singapore.

The principles provide specific areas that should be addressed in a regulatory model for physiotherapy. While not all the principles may be feasible at the current time within a particular jurisdiction, they should provide guidance for future change. The principles also provide the foundation for the collection of data, evidence and resources related to each of the principles.

Are you a regulator?

Click Agencies under Regulatory Resources on the INPTRA website to view country information.

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  • Is some information missing?
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Submit your country’s regulatory profile

If you would like to submit a profile of your country's physiotherapy regulation, please send the following information (in English and MS Word, please) to

  • Country: The name of your country.
  • Point of Contact: Your name, position and email address. (This is for INPTRA's information only and will not be posted on the website.)
  • Regulatory Model: Provide a brief one-paragraph summary.
  • Website: The website of the organization that represents physiotherapy regulators in your country.


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