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Network News - Volume 4 Number 1

In This Issue:

Become an INPTRA member in 2017!

The International Network of Physiotherapy Regulatory Authorities (INPTRA) provides a forum for existing and emerging physiotherapy regulatory authorities, and other related organizations, to participate in exploring and furthering understanding of regulatory systems, issues and opportunities around the world, and to facilitate international cooperation and collaboration on issues of mutual interest.

INPTRA provides physiotherapy regulators with the following opportunities:

  • To share approaches, information, practices and best practices
  • To learn from other regulatory approaches
  • To see different futures
  • To culturally expand as we understand the similarities, differences and underlying assumptions that impact our world
  • To provide individuals with the opportunity for involvement in an international physiotherapy regulation organization through committee work
  • To explore topics such as centralized or decentralized regulation, entry-level examinations, scope of practice, diversity in the scope of practice, supply and demand forecasting, mobility and the need for a unified professional educational model, accreditation and the need for assessment of professional education standards, credentialing assessment of education standards, disciplinary processes, professional databases (licensure, exam, discipline, practice settings) and continuing professional development models

While annual membership fees are based upon each country's current Gross National Income (GNI) per capita, as grouped and determined by the World Bank, in general, individual annual membership fees are $100; and membership fees for states, provinces or jurisdictions are $500. Learn more about membership here. Members are also eligible to attend the 2017 INPTRA Conference in South Africa at the Member rate.

2017 INPTRA Conference in South Africa June 30-July 1, 2017

Preceding the World Conference for Physical Therapy this summer, INPTRA will be holding its biennial meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. Registration is open and the meeting will be held at African Pride 15 on Orange Hotel.

The educational program will focus on: Governance Issues in Regulation; Digital Issues in Regulation; Education and Regulation; Professionalism, Policy and Practice; and Data Driven Regulation. The meeting will include speakers from around the world who provide insight into various models and approaches to regulation. There will be keynote speakers, workshops, small group sessions, and rapid fire presentations, along with a networking reception to engage the audience in a unique learning opportunity. We hope you will join us, and please feel free to email with any questions.

Call for Sponsors for the 2017 INPTRA Conference

Join leading physiotherapy-related organizations from around the globe in supporting this year’s conference through sponsorship! Sponsorship helps fund two scholarships, the opening reception and two days of educational and interactive programming. Attendees and their respective organizations benefit from your generous support of this biennial in-person educational opportunity.

Sign up to be a sponsor by March 31, 2017 to be recognized on the INPTRA Conference webpage and on program materials for attendees. You will also be given space at registration to distribute handouts to attendees.

2017 Sponsorship levels:
Platinum (USD 5000 +)
Gold (USD 2500-4999)
Silver (USD 1000- 2499)
Bronze (USD <1000)

Reach out to us today to learn more about how your contribution can benefit this year’s conference!

2017 INPTRA Conference Scholarships – deadline for application March 31, 2017

The International Network of Physiotherapy Regulatory Authorities (INPTRA) will award two (2) scholarships to attend its meeting, 2017 INPTRA Conference: Innovations in Physiotherapy Regulation Around the Globe, in Cape Town, South Africa June 30-July 1, 2017 prior to the WCPT Congress 2017. The meeting will be conducted in English.

Learn more about the scholarship and application process here.

Did you miss the December and February webcasts?

The recordings of the sessions are now available on the INPTRA website.

  • December 2016 Webcast- Using research to develop policy and standards: evidence informed regulation
  • February 2017 Webcast- Engaging registrants in the self-monitoring of risks, supports, and knowledge as a contributor to maintaining competence

INPTRA and WCPT announce a formal collaboration

The International Network of Physiotherapy Regulatory Authorities (INPTRA) and the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) are pleased to announce a formal collaboration. A recently executed Memorandum of Understanding lays the foundation for the two organizations to share information in biannual meetings and coordinate efforts on projects of mutual interest.

The partnership between these two established organizations recognizes that:

  • the evolution of physical therapy is dependent on having appropriate levels of professional regulation;
  • the advancement of the profession should always be balanced against protection of the public;
  • greater understanding of best practice regulation will support the development of the physical therapy profession internationally; and,
  • the physical therapy profession works in a globalized world and facilitating greater workforce mobility is a key to delivering better health outcomes.

Forthcoming projects include:

  • INPTRA will lead efforts to develop and disseminate a “white paper” related to the global practice and regulation of providing telehealth physical therapy rehabilitation services; and,
  • WCPT will be including INPTRA’s perspective in work being developed on the physical therapy assistant workforce and advanced physical therapy practice.

Both organizations look forward to working together and with the global community of physical therapists and regulators in new ways. Future project updates will appear in newsletters and on websites.

Learn more about INPTRA at Learn more about WCPT at

INPTRA Board of Directors Report

Since November, to advance the business of the organization, the board of directors approved the 2017 budget and reviewed and updated the INPTRA policies.

INPTRA Regulatory Guiding Principles

These principles on physiotherapy have been developed to provide guidance both to already-established regulatory authorities and, in particular, to those countries where physiotherapy regulation is developing or has not yet been developed. This version is based on feedback from attendees of the INPTRA 2015 conference in Singapore.

The principles provide specific areas that should be addressed in a regulatory model for physiotherapy.

While not all the principles may be feasible at the current time within a particular jurisdiction, they should provide guidance for future change.

The principles also provide the foundation for the collection of data, evidence and resources related to each of the principles.

Are you a regulator?

Click Agencies under Regulatory Resources on the INPTRA website to view country information.

  • Have we included your country?
  • Is your country’s regulatory agency information correct?
  • Is some information missing?
Send updates to

Submit your country’s regulatory profile

To submit a profile of your country’s physiotherapy regulation, please send the following information (in English and MS Word, please) to to

  • Country: The name of your country.
  • Point of Contact: Your name, position and email address. (This is for INPTRA's information only and will not be posted on the website.)
  • Regulatory Model: Provide a brief one-paragraph summary.
  • Website: The website of the organization that represents physiotherapy regulators in your country.


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