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Regulatory Resources

INPTRA is developing and compiling information on issues surrounding the regulation of physiotherapy from a global perspective. 

Topics may include but are not limited to models of regulation in different countries, portability/mobility issues between countries, direct access, and differences in educational standards.

Digital Practice White Paper and Survey
Read the Digital Practice White Paper and provide your feedback!

Read articles about various aspects of physiotherapy regulation.

Regulatory Guiding Principles
These guiding principles on physiotherapy regulation have been developed to provide guidance both to regulatory authorities that are already established and, in particular, to those countries where physiotherapy regulation is developing or has not yet been developed. 

View contact information for physiotherapy agencies from various countries.

Requests for Support
View the requests for support regarding physiotherapy regulatory issues INPTRA has received and the responses from INPTRA.

We would be glad to assist your organization in developing or strengthening regulatory rules and guidelines regarding physiotherapy.

Regulation Around the Globe
Learn more about how other countries regulate physiotherapy in the following areas. 

  • Country Profiles
  • Educational Accreditation Standards
  • Entry to Practice Competencies
  • Standards and Scope of Practice
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Ethics, Enforcement and Compliance
  • Regulation Language
  • Reports and Newsletters 

Useful Links
Find links to international physiotherapy and other health care regulatory organizations as well as international education, training, and credentialing.

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