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Requests for Support

Below are the requests for support regarding physiotherapy regulatory issues INPTRA has received and the responses from INPTRA.

We would be glad to assist your organization in providing physiotherapy regulatory information and/or developing or strengthening regulatory rules and guidelines regarding physiotherapy.

Request: The Physiotherapy Council of Kenya is finalizing the development of rules that will govern registration, licensing, accreditation among other issues. Please provide information on registering for different levels of education and practice; number of years post qualifications before one is issued a license to operate as a private clinic; how other allied professionals are managed; regulation of fitness centers, gyms, etc.; continuing professional development. (August 2016)
From: Physiotherapy Council of Kenya
View INPTRA Response.

Request: Provide supporting letter to European Commission on which European professions can be considered physiotherapists (April 2016)
From: European Region of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy
View INPTRA Response.

Request: Information about Psychomotricity Regulation (February 2016)
From: Col•legi de Fisioterapeutes de Catalunya
View Request and Response.

Request: Protection of Title of Physical Therapist in Republic of Ireland (August 2015)
From: Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists 
View Request.
View INPTRA Response.


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